Oklahoma State Senator Don Barrington wants to ban hoodies by law [VIDEO]

Republican State Senator Don Barrington, who is known already for his religious views against marijuana, wants to make wearing anything that conceals your face in public, including hoodies, a ticketable and jailable offense.

The bill came about after lawmakers received complaints about robberies committed by men wearing hooded sweatshirts. They claim the bill will help to identify perpetrators easier.

But many places already post signs telling customers to pull their hoods down, take off sunglasses, and bike helmets to allow for police to intervene anyway.

Those in the black community already know the real score in this game: Hoodie is synonymous with β€œthug,” which has now become a codeword for β€œyoung black male.” Their fear is that this bill if passed would give Oklahoma law enforcement carte blanche permission to outright profile, harass and arrest black teens for no reason. Who is this bill really helping?