Patriotsโ€™ Used Under-inflated Footballs in AFC Championship [VIDEO]

Tom Brady should expect some very hard balls to be handed to him by the league officials on Superbowl Sunday, as soft balls have now been found to be used during the Pats win against the Colts over the weekend where they massacred them 45-7. The score would suggest an unfair advantage.

During Sundayโ€™s AFC Championship game, 11 of the 12 footballs allotted to the New England Patriots were under-inflated by 2 pound of air.

According to the sources, the NFL is now investigating how the footballs became under-inflated. At this point, it is unclear if any penalties will be imposed on the Patriots.

Photo: The Patriots had 11 of their 12 game footballs under-inflated by 2 pounds of air less than whatโ€™s required by NFL regulations during the AFC championship game against the Colts, according to league sources.