Saudis Arrest Man Who Filmed Beheading

Saudis Arrest Man Who Filmed BeheadingAuthorities have arrested the man responsible for the chilling footage of a public beheading in Saudi Arabia circulating the Internet, Saudi news outlets reported on Sunday. The video, distributed by human rights activists last week, reveals a public execution of a woman on Jan. 12 in the city of Mecca. Footage shows three security officers surrounding a professional swordsman as he beheads a woman sitting in the street. Local reports did not specify what charges the man who shot the video will face, but Interior Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Mansour Turki said the case will be handled according to cybercrime laws. Saudi Arabia, which follows a strict interpretation of Sharia law, or the legal code of Islam based on the Quran, has come under scrutiny for some of its practices. In the wake of the gruesome recording, human rights activist have pointed out the nation has beheaded 10 people in the last two weeks and 90 people last year.