Top Brazilian surfer Ricardo dos Santos shot dead by off-duty police [VIDEO]

Top Brazilian surfer Ricardo dos Santos died after being shot by an off-duty police officer outside his home in Embau Guard Beach in Palhoca, a municipality in Santa Catarina, on Monday.

Brazilian media, including RIC Mais, reported that dos Santos was repairing a pipe at his home with his uncle and grandfather on Monday morning when off-duty police officer Luiz Paulo Mota Brentano and his brother parked their car on his property and began using drugs.

Dos Santos asked them to leave, but Brentano reacted aggressively and shot him three times between the chest and abdomen. Dos Santos died on Tuesday at a hospital, G1 reported.

Brentano claims he shot dos Santos in self-defence after dos Santos attacked him with a machete. However, police did not retrieve a machete from the scene, G1 reported.