Chapel Hill Shooting: Atheist Craig Hicks Murders 3 Muslims [VIDEO]

Craig Stephen Hicks has been charged for the murders that some have suggested may have been motivated by strong anti-religion beliefs. Police said there was a disagreement over parking.

Not only did Hicks recently post a picture of his revolver to Facebook but he had also shared several images which were critical of Islam, Christianity and faith in general.

The newlyweds Barakat, his wife Abu-Salha and her sister were killed in their own home. When police arrived, they found all three dead. Hicks later turned himself in to authorities and was charged with three counts of murder.

At the end of the day we’ve got three dead Muslims, one of whom was dentist who volunteered his services to refugees of the Syrian civil war.

And then there we’ve got Craig Hicks, who winds up acting out exactly what Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris identify as the problem with Islamβ€”violence fueled by radical beliefs.

The hashtag #MuslimLivesMatter started trending on Twitter following the triple-murder. Dawkins condemned the atrocity in a tweet.