Egypt Bombs ISIS in Libya After VIDEO

Egypt bombed Islamic State targets in Libya, just hours after a video released by the group showed the purported beheadings of 21 Egyptian Christians, according to a military statement on state television Monday. The military said the early morning airstrikes hit camps, training sites and weapons depots. The military said the strikes were β€œto avenge the bloodshed and to seek retribution from the killers,” the BBC reports. A video posted online Sunday appeared to reveal the beheadings of a group 21 Egyptian Christian migrant workers who were abducted over the past two months. Meanwhile, Libya carried out separate airstrikes in Sirte and Ben Jawad on Monday, where government officials say a self-declared government is supported by Islamist militants, air force commander Sager al-Joroushi told Reuters. Libya’s air force earlier announced it launched airstrikes in Darna, joining Egyptian efforts to target ISIS.