U.S. Confirms Female ISIS Hostage Kayla Mueller is Dead

Kayla Mueller

UPDATE: ISIS via a photograph and verified by the US Government, confirms that Kayla Mueller from Prescott Arizona is dead.

ISIS says, Kayla Mueller a young woman from Prescott Arizona, and humanitarian aid worker, was killed by a Jordanian airstrike. This claim is doubted by most news media, and fear she was killed some time before.

Kayla Mueller went to Syria to help suffering children, today her family is unsure of her fate. Expert say she could have been murdered by ISIS weeks ago, and was in the failed rescue attempt that included James Foley.

Many middle east experts doubt the ISIS claim of Kayla being killed in an airstrike, but are rather trying to create another story to deflect from the bad press ISIS is getting in the middle east after burning a Jordanian fighter pilot alive.

So far, three U.S. government officials told The Daily Beast they have no evidence either that she was killed or remains alive.

β€œThere is no clear indication that she is dead or alive,” said a U.S. national-security official familiar with the search for Mueller. β€œIf she is dead, why aren’t they showing her corpse? They’ve done it before with everybody else. Why is the news media not calling them out?”