Jeb ‘I am my own man’ Bush, Drafts His Brother’s & Father’s Foreign Policy Team

One word: WOLFOWITZ.

In a complete failure of a speech where Jeb said of himself ‘I am my own man’, he issued a handout to the press which listed his foreign policy team that included many familiar war hawks from his Father’s Bush 1 Presidency & G.W.’s failed Presidency.

Rachel Maddow points out the blame-avoiding passive voice that seems to be a common trait among Bush politicians:

Bush’s speech offered few surprises or useful information. A cookie cutter speech, delivered terribly and was exactly the kind of speech a prospective losing GOP presidential candidate would be expected just under two years before a general election. Bush made a case that Obama’s politics had tipped the world into chaos, played to the GOP’s base and avoided unveiling new policies that could get ripped to shreds in the long months on the campaign trail.

Here are the people on Jeb’s team, even reaching back to the Reagan era! George Shultz, Paul Wolfowitz, James Baker, Tom Ridge, the band is back together!

jeb bush foreign policy team