Police Bodycam Shows Cops Pull Victim From Burning To Death [VIDEO]

Florida police officers Joseph Trimboli and Eric Keyes have just gotten a call. There’s been a serious car accident on Main Street in the town of Destin.

Trimboli and Keyes race to the scene the video one of their bodycams captured is amazing.

When the officers arrive, they find a mangled vehicle engulfed in flames. A man is stuck behind the wheel, and the car’s doors are locked. As the fire grows, the man’s clothes began to burn. The victim will burn to death unless something heroic is done.

Shattering the glass with their flashlights, the officers call to the man — who appears to be in considerable pain — to open the door, but he is unable to assist in his own rescue.

Finally, the two brave officers risked their lives to pull the unnamed man from the wreck, saving his life and earning each of them the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office Medal of Merit.