Taiwan Inmates Shoot Themselves in Siege [VIDEO]

Six inmates committed suicide after taking a warden and guard hostage in a 14-hour siege at a Taiwan prison Thursday. The prisoners, who were all convicted of murder, drug-related offenses, burglary, and other crimes, were protesting their sentences as well as alleged abuse and unfair trials, the BBC reports. The six inmates pretended to be sick before taking two guards hostage and stealing four rifles, six handguns, and 200 bullets from the prison’s weapons cache, according to Taiwan’s Central News Agency. Police negotiated an exchange, trading the prison warden and the head guard for the hostages. Authorities rejected a request for a getaway car, and after a failed attempt to leave the prison, four of the prisoners killed themselves, said Deputy Justice Minister Chen Ming-tang. The other two shot at their bodies and then reportedly shot themselves. Police have not released any evidence to support their statement. No other injuries were reported.