Valentine’s Day Massacre Foiled By Police in Halifax [VIDEO]

Nova Scotia Plot FoiledThe RCMP say an alleged plan by at least 2 suspects to carry out “mass killings” of civilians in a public place in the Halifax area on Valentine’s Day has been foiled by police today.

A man who was found dead in a Halifax home early Friday intended to go to a public place with a woman and open fire on citizens before killing themselves, said the Asst. Commissioner Brian Brennan. Police received information from the public on Thursday morning of someone stockpiling firearms. The information suggested a 19-year-old Halifax man and a 23-year old woman, had access to firearms, said Brennan, but police would not say which venue was targeted.

“We received a threat that individuals were planning on targeting a public venue in Halifax, to go there and commit mass killings of civilians and to ultimately kill themselves,” Brennan, the senior Mountie in the province, said in a phone interview Friday night. Given the public venue that we believe was to be targeted, there was the potential for significant casualties and injury to citizens.”