DEA Agents Held Sex Parties With Prostitutes Hired by Cartels

DEA Agents Held Sex Parties With Prostitutes Hired by CartelsSex parties were had by Drug Enforcement Administration agents stationed offshore with prostitutes hired by regional drug cartels, according to a written report released Thursday from Justice’s Office of the Inspector General.

Researchers discovered not only the events, but additionally efforts from becoming public. Where the events happened the record didn’t specify the nation but it is said to be Colombia.

The evaluation was between April 2008 to September 2012, based on the record.

The sex-party allegations were originally made by local police officers, who told detectives from the Office of Professional Accountability of the DEA that 10 agencies had joined the sex parties at their government-rented building over a period of a long period. The neighbourhood authorities also stated that three of the agencies got stuff, costly items and cash from cartel members. One of the officials claimed he offered safety for the agents’ weapons and house during the functions.

The agencies served suspensions starting from two days to 10, the report said.

They talked to the DEA inspector, who advised them that prostitution was considered area of the local culture if the Inspector General’s Office detectives looked at the situation and was condoned in a few parts named “tolerance zones,” based on the investigation. The inspector stated it was not unusual for prostitutes to become present at business conferences regarding international representatives and cartel members.

The White House reacted to Thursday’s report by declaring President Obama “has zero tolerance for any sexual misconduct โ€” especially from those who have the duty of implementing regulations” and predicted the Justice Department to “target this critical situation in a quick and detailed approach.”