DOJ REPORT: Discrimination in Ferguson, Racist E-mails

Police department and court system โ€˜reflect and exacerbate existing racial biasโ€™. Investigators outline 26 recommendations to reform Fergusonโ€™s policing. DOJ could file a lawsuit against Ferguson to force them to change.

There are calls for the Police Chief to resign. Unveiling the report at a press conference in Washington, the US attorney general, Eric Holder, blamed Ferguson police for creating a โ€œtoxic environment, defined by mistrust and resentmentโ€ that had been set off โ€œlike a powder kegโ€ by a white officer shooting dead an unarmed black 18-year-old.

โ€œIt is time for Fergusonโ€™s leaders to take immediate, wholesale and structural corrective action,โ€ said Holder. โ€œLet me be clear: the United States Department of Justice reserves all its rights and abilities to force compliance and implement basic change. Nothing is off the table.โ€

In addition to this the DOJ found racist email depicting President Obama as a chimpanzee, among other nasty messages.

Watch Holder speak below: