Obamacare Faces The Supreme Court, Again [VIDEO]

The U.S. Supreme Court is hearing arguments in a major test of President Barack Obama’s health overhaul that threatens insurance coverage for millions of people.

The case being argued Wednesday is just the latest challenge to the law that was Obama’s attempt to bring universal health care to the United States.

In King v. Burwell, the Court will decide whether the Affordable Care Act permits government subsidies for citizens of at least 34 states which use the federal HealthCare.gov marketplace to buy health insurance. It will hear oral arguments on Wednesday.

If the justices rule that only residents of states running their own exchanges are eligible for subsidies, some 9.3 million people will have to pay their full monthly premium or lose coverage, estimates the nonpartisan Urban Institute. Anywhere from six to eight million are expected to be unable to afford it.

[source: cbc news]