Stewart Tears CNN And Fox’s Selma Coverage [VIDEO]

Jon Stewart contrasted Selma anniversary celebration with the narrowness of CNN and Fox News coverage. Stewart addressed the speeches by John Lewisand President Obama concluding he humorously point to as an “assault on real America”.

CNN had a drone that was flying around the Edmund Pettus Bridge during much of the day, and Stewart was just a little annoyed that they would not stop talking about it. He paraphrased the words of Dr. King himself to say news organizations shall “be judged not by the content of its content, but by the uselessness of its gizmos.”

Stewart also went after Fox News, asking, “Could Fox take this commemoration of courageous civil rights marchers and somehow turn it into white conservative victimization?” And with the controversy about the supposed George W. Bush Photoshopping, Stewart mock-congratulated Fox for finding something to be “aggrieved” about in Selma.