Stewart Trashes Fox Calling for Ferguson Apologies [VIDEO]

Jon Stewart exposed Fox News for demanding apologies over Ferguson when no one at Fox apologized for how over-the-top they got about Benghazi. Stewart took note of how Fox touted only one of the two DOJ reports on Ferguson––the one that very clearly refuted “hands up, don’t shoot.”

And in the weeks since, Fox News has been questioning where all the apologies are for people who pushed that narrative. Stewart agreed, asking, “Wouldn’t it be nice if people who jumped to conclusions and peddled a false divisive anger-stoking narrative had to apologize for misleading America?”

From there, Stewart really went after Fox for doing the same thing on Benghazi––”being irresponsible and divisive”––but then not apologizing after the Benghazi report released last year by a GOP-led committee refuted some of the prevailing theories about intelligence failures the night of the attack.

Stewart concluded, “They demand accountability for anger and divisiveness whilst holding themselves entirely unaccountable for their anger and divisiveness.”