Another Unarmed Teen Shot By Police in Madison, WI. [VIDEO]

Madison Police Chief Mike Koval says an officer shot and killed a 19-year old black man after a struggle in a home on Williamson St. prompting a protest in the streets.

A large crowd gather at the scene of the shooting late Friday evening but has since dispersed, with many relocating to the City-County building in downtown Madison, site of the Madison Police Department Central District.

A family spokesman confirmed to NBC affiliate WMTV that the deceased was 19-year-old Tony Robinson, a graduate of Sun Prairie high school.

The shooting took place Friday evening, according to police, and sparked protests including a sit-in at Madison City Hall.

Madison Police Chief Mike Koval said an officer responded to reports of a man walking in traffic and hitting pedestrians.

Koval said the officer followed the man to a residence, where he attacked the officer. During the confrontation the officer drew his weapon and shot the suspect.