Wisconsin Capital Fourth day of Protests over Police Shooting [VIDEO]

Activists protested for a fourth day going into this Monday evening in Madison, Wisconsin, over the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a white policeman, the latest in a string of killings that have intensified concerns of racial bias in U.S. law enforcement.

Yesterday, more than 100 people angry over the death of Tony Robinson Jr. marched through the streets of Madison toward the capital building on in the evening evening, carrying signs, beating drums and chanting:

“The people united will never be defeated.”

Robinson, 19, was shot in Madison, Wisconsin’s on Friday evening after Officer Matt Kenny responded to calls about a man dodging cars in traffic who had allegedly battered another person.

Officer Kenny followed the suspect into an apartment, where the officer was “struck in the head”. Kenny then shot the unarmed teen, who died later in a local hospital.