Carbon monoxide poisoning kills 7 children and father in Maryland [VIDEO]

The bodies of a single father and his seven children were found in their house in Maryland on Monday morning. All appear to have died from carbon monoxide poisoning. Police say they are not treating the deaths as suspicious.

Rodney Todd had been absent from work for more than a week when a concerned colleague arrived at his house in Princess Anne to check on him. When no one answered the door she alerted police.

Officers found the bodies of Rodney Todd and his seven children inside. They were all in sleeping positions.

Todd’s father said his son bought a generator to provide heat for the family as he couldn’t pay the electricity bills.

When inhaled, the odorless gas carbon monoxide binds with hemoglobin in red blood cells, leading to oxygen deprivation. Poisoning may induce headaches, vomiting, chest pain and breathlessness.

Delmarva Power, the family’s electricity company, did not confirm whether Todd’s power had been cut off.