HBO Serves Notice to Brooklyn Bar to Stop Showing ‘Game of Thrones’

HBO Serves Notice to Brooklyn Bar to Stop Showing Game of ThronesHBO has served a Brooklyn New York bar called “Videology” with a cease and desist letter to telling them to stop showing “Game of Thrones”. The bar has been having Game of Thrones parties on Sundays, where patrons come dressed as GOT characters and watch the popular show, but that is about to end, unless the bar decides to not abide by HBO’s wishes.

HBO told the bar that “it’s not allowed to be shown in a public setting”. Watching GOT at a bar is a popular thing to do in New York. There are rteportedly many bars that throw a Game of Thrones party each Sunday, but it’s not clear whether HBO will shut down their fun too. Knowing HBO they probably will. Back in 2002 HBO did the same thing with cease-and-desist letters when bars started throwing ‘Sopranos’ parties back in 2002, so stay tuned! (but do so in the privacy of your own home).