Larry: Confused By Cop Who Didn’t Kill Suspect Yelling ‘Shoot Me!’ [VIDEO]

Larry Wilmore took a few minutes out of last night’s Nightly Show to examine a “new and different” kind of police video that emerged from Cincinatti this past week.

“Recently, if you’re a member of the world, you’ve seen what one might call a rash of police shootings caught on tape,” Wilmore said. But there was something unfamiliar about the footage captured by Officer Jesse Kidder’s body camera during a confrontation with a murder suspect.

As Wilmore watched the suspect aggressively charge towards the officer and yell “shoot me!” he girded himself for the inevitable hail of bullets. “A brother begging to be shot and a cop doesn’t shoot him?” the host asked. “What’s it going to take for this cop to shoot him?”

It was only after Wilmore got a closer look at the suspect that he realized what was really going on here:

Larry Wilmore Puzzled by Cop Who Refused to Kill Suspect

“Oh, he’s white,” he said. “We’ll be right back.”