Michael Slager tasers man in back during 2014 traffic stop [VIDEO]

Newly released video is raising questions about the conduct of former North Charleston police officer Michael Slager.

The dashcam video from 2014, shows Slager tasering Julius Wilson in the back after Wilson refused to exit his vehicle during a traffic stop.

The former North Charleston police officer was arrested and charged with murder last week after cell phone video surfaced of him shooting Walter Scott in the back.

The video, captured by a bystander, is believed by many to be the only reason charges were brought against Slager, as his official police report about the shooting varied greatly from what the tape revealed.

WIlson is suing Slager for use of excessive force. In this video from last August, Wilson’s attorney claims he was tasered even though he was in a “submissive position.”

In 2013, a third black North Charleston resident filed a complaint claiming
Slager tased him, citing unnecessary use of force. An internal investigation cleared Slager in this case.