Scientology Paid Detectives To Spy on Leader’s Father

Scientology Paid Detectives To Spied on Leader’s FatherThe Church of Scientology hired two private detectives to watch its leader’s father after he parted ways with the church, the Los Angeles Times reported Wednesday. According to police records, the church allegedly paid two detectives $10,000 a week—through an intermediary—for 18 months, to spy and eavesdrop on Ronald Miscavige Sr., the father of Scientology leader David Miscavige. The surveillance was discovered after police in West Allis, Wisconsin, arrested Dwayne S. Powell on suspicion of obstruction in July 2013. Powell’s rented SUV contained two laptop computers, binoculars, a GPS tracking device, a stun gun, four handguns, two rifles, 2,000 rounds of ammunition, and a homemade silencer when he was arrested. He told police he was hired by the church to spy “full-time” on the 79-year-old. David Miscavige and the church denied any connection to Powell.