The NY Post Has Two Partisan Attacks on Hillary Clinton Today

new york post is a shameful POS ragHaters going to hate.

In a blatant partisan attack on the character of Hillary Clinton, the New York Post unleashed a multi-pronged assult on Hillary’s 2016 campaign this morning. This to coincide with her announcement for her Presidential run, expected some time today (Sunday).

The two headlines in today’s NY Post read:

1 – Oh Hill no! Clinton’s stale presidential plan wrong for nation

2 – Hillary Clinton faces scandal amid expectant presidential run

The paper goes on to list a bunch on non-scandals:

The Shady Foundation – Calling the CGI, an organization that has help millions worldwide, is a huge lie.

The Spotty Resume – Spotty resume? Huh? Hillary would be one of the most prepared and experienced President ever.

The Suspicious Finances – That’s a good one. Where are the Romney tax returns and tax shelters by the way.

The Spectacular Greed – Greed, you want to talk about greed, both Mccain and Romney have multiple residences and some even have elevators for their cars.

The Other Women – Really? Really? Dragging Monica into your shameful P.O.S. ‘journalism’ is just reaching too far.

The Secret E-Mails – Okay well, as far as I know, email is sent to at least one other party. If there is a ‘secret email’, why don’t you do some journalism NEW YORK POST and tell us what the scandal is, but no, you don’t do real journalism, your a tabloid rag controlled by the right wing, so you won’t.

Michael GoodwinSend me a copy so I can use it to line my birds shit-tray. Here is a photo of the hater Michael Goodwin on Fox news. Get the fuck out you douchbag!