VIDEO Shows Cop Shooting Man ‘Accidentaly’ Mistakes Taser With Gun

At the urging of the victim’s family, police in Tulsa, Oklahoma have released a video of an officer fatally shooting a man.

Forty-four-year-old Eric Courtney Harris reportedly tried to sell a semi-automatic pistol and ammunition to undercover cops.

Hidden camera footage shows Harris sitting in a car, holding a black bag and talking to someone in the driver’s seat. He takes off when a police car pulls up.

A second video shows several police vehicles trying to find Harris.

“Stop right here!” the officer in the passenger seat yells when Harris comes into view. Several officers then chase him on foot.

The footage shows Harris running away, and then the camera points at the sky. It appears the officers have Harris on the ground at this point, but they seem to be struggling.

Then Robert Bates, a 73-year-old reserves officer, yells “taser!” seconds before a single gunshot goes off.

“I shot him,” Bates says in the video. “I’m sorry.”

Paramedics took Harris to a local hospital, where he later died from the gunshot wound.

In a news conference on Friday, Police Sgt. Jim Clark, who is reviewing the case, said the shooting was an accident.

“You can train someone as much as you can, and you can train in every area that you can,” he said. “But in times of crisis, sometimes training is not going to take you through the scenario.”

In an interview with local media, Harris’s brother said he wants a more in-depth explanation.

“I want to know if he was shot in the back accidentally or on purpose,” he said. “These are things that not only I want, but the public wants.”