WikiLeaks Releases Hacked Sony Pictures Information [VIDEO]

WikiLeaks has posted a searchable archive of more than 170,000 emails and 30,000 private documents belonging to Sony Pictures Entertainment. The movie conglomerate reacted angrily to the news on Thursday, saying that it condemned the indexing of stolen employee and other privileged information.

The data was hacked in November of last year, revealing multiple embarrassing e-mail exchanges between Sony executives and personal information from thousands of employees, including social security numbers. Juicy stuff like this:

Hey Steve, thanks again for another generous bonus (technically known as ‘bags of money!!’), and for all the support you give me. Somehow you not only prevent civil war in our organization of personalities but you let us have a laugh as you do it. And trust me, every day I am grateful to have you here … even if I mostly just bitch. Enjoy the weekend and your groovy van. Chris