Canadian Dad Shoots Family To ‘Free’ Daughter From Pain [VIDEO]

A Canadian father described by friends as “gentle” is now believed to have murdered his entire family in what he termed a mercy killing. Randy Janzen of Langley, British Columbia, reportedly killed his 19-year-old daughter Emily in order to free her from the pain of debilitating migraines.

In a Facebook post, Randy said he shot his daughter as he could no longer bear to see her unable to enjoy life due to severe migraine attacks, saying his daughter was the love of his life but watching her miss events, be unable to enjoy her passion of singing, and the torture of seeing her suffer through emergency room trips was more than he could bear.

Janzen said he shot and killed his wife because no mother should have to hear that their child is dead, and, a day or so later, Janzen confessed to going to his sister’s home and killing her as he did not want her to “live with the shame” of his actions.

On the afternoon of May 7th, a SWAT team entered Janzen’s house but found he had already taken his own life. Emily’s friends, schoolmates and the community are mourning the tragic and senseless loss of a beautiful young woman as well as the deaths of her family. A memorial Facebook page has been set up in her honor.