Stewart Blast ‘Latinos’ Ted Cruz Marco Rubio & Jeb Bush a.k.a. ‘El Jebe’ [VIDEO]

Jon Stewart beat 2016 candidates, from Hillary Clinton to Jeb Bush on the Latinos outreach. Stewart talk with correspondent Al Madrigal about the matter, and he admitted he wasn’t terribly impressed with Clinton’s, especially considering empty promises made from a certain 2008 Democratic presidential candidate about immigration reform.

Madrigal also mocked Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio “Eh. I guess those guys are technically Latinos,” Madrigal explained. “I mean there is a lot more to being Latino then just being Latino. Mainly because they’re Cuban. Really a small, and I gotta be honest, snooty subset. They’re like the WASP’s of the Latino world.”

Madrigal then pointed out that Cruz “is actually from Canada.”

But the one candidate in the race that inspires him is Jeb Bush (a.k.a. “El Jebe”). Madrigal said that Bush is so committed to the cause, “he literally married into the demographic.”