Women Beater Chris Brown Posts Threats on Twitter [PHOTOS]

scumbag chris-brown-threatens-tyson-beckford over karrueche tranChris Brown has upgraded his character. The man who likes to beat women, like his ex Rihanna, is now moving up to threatening men on twitter for taking selfies with women he thinks he owns. I guess this is a step up for a punk that no matter how much money he has, will always be a scumbag degenerate. Chris Brown is sending threats & tripping just because Karrueche is chillin With Tyson Beckford, a women he obviously couldn’t satisfy with his small dick when he had her. We here at LNC are against violence of any kind, but if anyone in this world needs his ass kicked, it is Chris Brown. Lock this sucker up, or have him beat down, either way, he deserves it.

Here is the tweet:

chris brown threats on twitter

His raging jealousy was in response to this post Tyson Beckford posing with Karrueche in Vegas. Someone needs to lock this women beater Chris Brown up before he hurts himself. I’m sure Tyson Beckford would beat your ass.

Chris Brown & His Crew Threaten Tyson Beckford Over Karrueche