Spy Agencies Target Google & Samsung App Stores to Implant Spyware

Electronic intelligence agencies started targeting UC Browser, a massively popular app with growing use in North America in India and China, in late 2011 after finding it leaked showing details about its half-billion users.

Their aim, was also looking for bigger app store susceptibility and exploiting into UC Browser, and to gather data on other intelligence targets as well as suspected terrorists and, sometimes, implant spyware on smartphones that are targeted.

The 2012 record demonstrates that the weaknesses were used by the surveillance bureaus in pursuit of the national security interests, but it seems they did not alarm the businesses or the people to these weaknesses. That possibly put countless users in danger of the information being obtained by other authorities’ bureaus, hackers or offenders.

“All of this has been done in the name of supplying security and yet Canadians or individuals all over the world are placed at risk,” says the University of Ottawa’s Michael Geist, among Canada’s leading specialists on net law.

Source CBC Canada