Lewis Black talks to CNN about the Confederate flag [VIDEO]

Lewis Black in an interview on CNN shamed GOP presidential candidates who’d refused to take a position on the Confederate flag flying on the South Carolina statehouse grounds.

Black recalled that he attended college at the University of North Carolina in 1967, and that the Confederate flag had been banned after his first year.

β€œThat’s in ’67,” Black explained. β€œHow long does it take? We’re always a day late and a dollar short.”

β€œWhat did you make of a lot of the Republican candidates not wanting to discuss it early on, saying it’s a straight state’s rights issue?” CNN host Chris Cuomo wondered.

β€œI love that state’s rights stuff,” Black quipped.

β€œIt’s a kind of a tough… tough titties to put it simply,” the comedian added as CNN cut his microphone.

β€œWhich is Latin, of course, for β€” it means, issues that you must deal with,” Cuomo offered.

For those southerners who say that the flag is part of their history, Black said that they displayed it in public β€œfor a long time” and β€œnow it’s time to move on.”

β€œYou can have it in your house!” he exclaimed. β€œIf it’s that important, put it over the fireplace! Stare at it! Wake up and look at the marvelous flag! Unbelievable.”