Rubio Has History of Accruing Massive Debts & Bought a $80K Speedboat

marco_rubioSen. Marco Rubio’s spending habits are returning to haunt him.

While the senator was juggling multiple loans and mortgages, he bought a speedboat, a luxury SUV, and made stupid investment decisions.

Rubio is becoming known for accruing massive debts and then spending big when money comes his way, so much so, that the Romney campaign in 2012 rejected him as a V.P. option when he was being vetted.

According to NYT, Rubio faced huge debts in 2012 but then he got an $800,000 advance on a book deal. But instead of using all of the money responsibly, Rubio went out and bought a $80,000 speedboat.

Despite the senator’s financial woes, Rubio is also reported to have leased a $50,000 Audi Q7 SUV.

In 2006, the Tampa Bay Times described Rubio as “barely solvent.”

Mitt Romney’s team vetted Rubio as a potential VP candidate, but found that the Florida senator’s financial decisions were bad enough that they could damage the campaign.