Senate fails to save PATRIOT Act, Portions Expired at Midnight

Key provisions of the PATRIOT ACT have expired, at least for a few days.

Key provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act expired at midnight after the Senate adjourned after failing to reach a new agreement during a rare Sunday session to extend law.

The Senate did vote to advance the USA Freedom Act, a House-passed reform bill that GOP leaders opposed but were forced to accept given the lack of time or options. But Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) refused to allow that measure to be adopted in time to replace the expiring PATRIOT Act provisions.

Mitch McConnell had hoped to pass a temporary extension of current law to avoid a midnight shutdown of 3 key PATRIOT Act programs, including the controversial β€œbulk data” phone record collection.

The Senate is expected to pick up the debate this week.