Stewart Is Happy That ‘Military Genius’ Trump Filed His Run For President [VIDEO]

Jon Stewart said of Donald Trump that “He’s great for the Republicans,” “The more he talks, the more he appears on television, the more he makes the other Republicans’ crazy seem kind of reasonable by comparison.”

For a few seconds, though, Stewart was worried; even though Trump launched his campaign last week, he did not actually file the necessary paperwork before the event announcing his candidacy. The letdown was enough to make the host grab his briefcase and abandon the show early.

“I don’t wanna wait ’til Aug. 6,” he said, before telling his crew, “Shut it down boys, we’re closing early.”

However, after getting confirmation that Trump did indeed submit the proper documentation on Tuesday, Stewart went back to mocking “the only presidential candidate ever who looks like the back of a shar pei brought to life by an enchanted wig,” pointing out that even Fox’s Bill O’Reilly was amused by the real estate mogul’s vow to make Mexico pay for the building of a “great wall” spanning the border.

“The guy whose idea to save the Middle East was to reconstitute the mercenary armies of old — saddle up, Hessians, we’re going in — that guy finds your ideas absurd,” Stewart said. “How does that taste?”

He also shot down Trump’s claim to ABC News that he was not recycling Ronald Reagan’s campaign slogan, “Let’s make America great again.”

“Forgetting the fact that Reagan did use the word ‘again’ — it’s right on the f*cking button — the only change you made to his slogan was the ‘let’s,’” Stewart told Trump. “So it’s exactly the same slogan as Reagan, except ruder. Reagan’s was an invitation; yours is a command.”