Texas Cop Caught Pulling Gun on Kids at Pool Party Resigns [VIDEO]

Update: McKinney, Texas, officer Eric Casebolt resigned while under investigation following video showing use of force at pool party. Casebolt’s resignation ends the internal investigation into his use of force at a pool party that was captured on video. However, he could still face criminal charges and/or a lawsuit.


Original Story:

A police officer in the Dallas suburb of McKinney is on administrative leave after a YouTube video showed an chaotic confrontation Friday between teenagers and law enforcement at a community pool in an upper-middle-class neighbourhood.

The approximately seven-minute video opens as officers try to gain control of a group of teenagers at the pool. Several minutes into the video, an officer throws a teenage girl wearing a bikini to the ground and shoves her head down. Two teenage boys approach and the officer takes out his firearm and chases them away, then turns his attention to the girl again. He grabs her arm and simultaneously re-holsters his gun.