[VIDEO] Alleged Dennis Hastert Sex Abuse Victim Named by Family

Watch the interview in the video below:

Update: A third victim of Dennis Hastert Sex Abuse has Come Forward. The FBI has reportedly identified as many as three potential victims tied to accusations that former House Speaker Dennis Hastert sexually abused students at an Illinois high school decades ago.

In an emotional interview, Steve Reinboldt’s sister Jolene said she first learned of her late brother’s purported years-long sexual abuse at the hands of Dennis Hastert back in 1979 when her brother revealed to her that he was gay and had been out of high school for eight years.

“I asked him, when was your first same sex experience. He looked at me and said, ‘It was with Dennis Hastert,’” Jolene said. “I was stunned.”

Jolene said she asked her brother why he never told anyone. “And he just turned around and kind of looked at me and said, ‘Who is ever going to believe me?’”