Watch The Duggars Make Excuses for Their Sons Child Abuse [VIDEO]

Watch The Duggar Interview from Fox Last Night.

Josh Duggar confessed to his father Jim Bob Duggar on THREE separate occasions to multiple acts of sexual molestation against his sisters and a family friend, according to a new police report.

The document also makes clear that Josh was 15 years old when he molested his 5-year-old sister and committed at least SEVEN acts of sexual molestation.

The parents described the molestation as “improper touching,” sometimes over the girls’ clothes, sometimes under the clothes. “This was not rape or anything like that,” Jim Bob said.

Referring to the family’s handling of the situation, Jim Bob said, “Looking back, we did the best we could under the circumstances.”

The parents told Kelly that they feel like their family is under an “unprecedented attack” partly due to their Christian beliefs.