Jon Stewart tells Larry Wilmore about ‘secret’ meetings with Obama [VIDEO]

Larry Wilmore wants to know what is like for Jon Stewart and President Obama heading to the end of their jobs.

Larry said Obama’s recent trip to Kenya, where some conspiracy theorists believe the president was born, shows he simply “don’t give a f*ck.”

Stewart, whose iconic 17-year run as host of “The Daily Show” ends next week, cracked open a can of beer and tried to explain to Wilmore what Obama might be feeling.

“Do you have any chips or dip around here?” Stewart said. “Do you have any pot?”

“You know you’re already high, Jon,” Wilmore joked. “But seriously, Jon — you’re not even trying anymore, are you? I mean, (Tuesday) night you did an entire segment where you didn’t even talk.”

Stewart assured the host that he still used scripts for his show, but he reveals that there’s something he had never told Wilmore before.

“I can’t read,” Stewart said.

Wilmore asked Stewart if reports that he met secretly at the White House with Obama were true.

“Well,” Stewart said with exaggerated modesty, “I don’t know if they were secret. I’m in the visitors log, and they took pictures of the meeting.”

A photo showing Obama and Stewart sharing a milkshake was shown on screen, and Wilmore asked why the president wanted to meet.

“What did he want? Hang out, eat nachos, watch ‘King Ralph,’” Stewart said.

Wilmore asked if he meant the movie where John Goodman’s character improbably became king of England, and Stewart said, “motherf*cker, don’t pretend like you haven’t seen ‘King Ralph.’”

He asked Stewart if he thought the president was trying to influence his jokes, and he wondered if that wasn’t irresponsible to meet with an elected official in that capacity.

“No, I think that was what he was trying to do, because I have a television show and sometimes we say super sh*tty things about him and his policies, so I’m pretty sure I was there because he’s run out of people to watch ‘King Ralph’ with,” Stewart said.

Wilmore asked if Stewart believed Obama was in “do not care” mode, and the “Daily Show” host disagreed.

“I think he’s in ‘I’m going to build me a library with my name on it’ mode,” he said.

Wilmore asked Stewart, who was cooly sipping a can of beer, what he planned to do after his show ended.

“I’m going it right now,” Stewart said, taking another sip.