Keith Olbermann Is Out At ESPN – MSNBC Hire Him Now & Save Yourself

Keith Olbermann Named New CEO Of GlobalGrindESPN confirmed Olbermann is out at ESPN and will be leaving later this month. ESPN released this statement:

“We wish Keith nothing but the best and trust that his skill and ability will lead him to another promising endeavor.”

ESPN called Olbermann’s exit a “business decision to move in another direction,” not the result of a dispute.

Olbermann, 56, has been called a “bridge-burner” in the past. He worked at ESPN in the 1990s, anchoring “SportsCenter,” then moved to MSNBC, Fox Sports, back to MSNBC, and then back to ESPN.

The ratings are so bad at MSNBC and his fanbase is so loyal, that it would make sense for Phil Griffin and MSNBC to hire him back and gain back some market share. We hope Rachel Maddow can go to bat for him and Phil “The Ratings Killer” Griffin can swallow his huge ego and make it happen.

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