Keith Olbermann Rumored to be Returning to MSNBC

Keith Olbermann Rumoured to be Returning to MSNBC brain williamsAccording to sources within the network, the rumour is that MSNBC has engaged in talks with soon to be ex-ESPN2 host Keith Olbermann about returning to the network’s primetime lineup.

Olbermann previously hosted the show Countdown from 2003 until 2011, and was a controversial figure for the network. For many reasons, including his turbulent relationship with management and nasty split between him and MSNBC, it would be a stunning turn of events if Olbermann came back, but one could certainly argue that right now they need each other.

Olbermann’s return would show MSNBC’s desire to get back into the primetime wars, and also highlights the fact that many other shows are likely on the chopping block.

Sources within the network says that All In with Chris Hayes,PoliticsNation with Al Sharpton, and The Ed Show are all on the block.

MSNBC also recently acquired the embattled veteran Brain Williams, who is suppose to handle breaking news on MSNBC, but for sure can handle an hour slot with Olbermann that would revitalise their primetime lineup leading into the rating queen at MSNBC Rachel Maddow.

Brian Williams and Keith Olbermann use to host back to back shows on MSNBC back in the late 90’s. Would’t that be something if that would happen again. This photo was recently tweeted out by Olbermann, so maybe there is something in the air!