MSNBC: The Cycle, Now with Alex Wagner & Ed Show Rumored Cancelled

MSNBC Undergoes Reorganization To Unify TV And Digital Teams In One NewsroomUnless your name is Maddow, or Joe and Mika, seems nobody’s job is safe at MSNBC.

The rumour mill has it that some major changes are coming to the MSNBC schedule. Sources say The Cycle, Now with Alex Wagner & The Ed Show will be replaced. Chuck Toad will be coming back with an hour show and Brian Williams will possibly get a two hour slot between 3:00-5:00 PM to compete with CNN & FOX’s lineup.

There is also rumors that some ‘old faces’ will be returning. Not sure if this is just referring to Chuck Toad (who most MSNBC viewers hate) and Brian Williams return, or if this is an indication that we might see Keith Olbermann come back, which is what a lot of MSNBC viewers have been longing for since he left and took his ratings with him. Stay tuned!