Planned Parenthood: Expect More VIDEOS About Selling Fetuses

Planned Parenthood warned Monday that an anti-abortion group could release more edited videos accusing the family-planning provider of illegal and racially biased activities. The organization came under fire last week after the activist group Center for Medical Progress released a heavily edited sting video appearing to show one of Planned Parenthood’s doctors discussing the sale of fetal tissue after an abortion. In a letter to a congressional committee, Planned Parenthood lawyer Roger Evans revealed that the anti-abortion group posed as a fake fetal tissue procurement company called Biomax in order to gain access to its facilities and doctors. Evans said the group may have “thousands of hours” of footage that they will “deceptively edit into short video clips to release for many months.” The organization contends the video had been edited to misconstrue its policy of sometimes donating fetal tissue for scientific research at the request of its patients.