Rachel Maddow and Seth Meyers Jokes About Donald Trump [VIDEO]

MSNBC host’ Rachel Maddow appeared Wednesday on β€œLate Night,” where she and host Seth Meyers discussed the real estate tycoon and reality TV star’s appeal to GOP voters.

β€œI will say this, Trump’s a very good communicator,” Meyers said. β€œI always know exactly what he’s thinking. I’m not like, I wish he hadn’t used such big words β€” like huge.”

Maddow said she had been able to dismiss Trump’s previous flirtations with running from office, but she said he was impossible to ignore in this campaign.

β€œHe’s really running, and Republicans really like him,” she said. β€œI love the idea that this is a stunt and I love the idea that he’s just a celebrity and this isn’t actually a political campaign, but it turns out Republican voters want Donald Trump more than they want any of the other 40 people running. That is a gift from God, in terms of this being my job.”