RNC Chairman Reince Priebus Calls Trump to Tell Him to Tone it Down

Macy's Ends Relationship With Donald TrumpJust weeks into his 2016 presidential campaign, the billionaire’s fiery rhetoric about illegal immigration has gotten the attention of RNC chairman, Reince Priebus, reports the Washington Post.

In an hourlong phone call with Trump Wednesday, the Washington Post says Priebus called Trump to tell him to “tone down his inflammatory comments that have infuriated a key election constituency.”

The Post cites former senator Robert F. Bennett who says “if Trump can keep this going, it will be truly worrisome.”

Trump is quickly becoming the face of the GOP this election season and that seems to be worrying the GOP, bigtime.

Trump’s comments about Mexican immigrants have cost him several business partnerships in the last few weeks. Still, Trump has doubled down on his sharp criticism against Latinos, despite the significant voting power they wield, calling them drug dealers and rapists.

The Post writes regarding the phone call with Priebus, it “underscores the extent to which Trump has gone from an embarrassment to a cause for serious alarm” amid Republican leaders.