Stagefright Security Bug Lets Criminals Hack 95% Android Phones [VIDEO]

Hackers can steal information from Android phones with just a text.
You don’t even have to open the text for the hackers to get what they want.
As many as 95 percent of Android phones are vulnerable. That means nearly 1 billion phones are in danger.
The reason for the hack is an Android tool called Stagefright. The exploit allows hackers to record audio and video and to view saved photos.
Hackers could delete the message before you realize there is a problem.
Most major Android manufacturers have not yet offered a patch to fix the problem.

โ€œAs a result of hastily written code, there are a number of security vulnerabilities in Android devices. One piece of software in particular, called Stagefright, has errors in the code that lets attackers send malware directly to any device where they know the phone number,โ€ explained Drake’s Zimperium zLabs vice president .