Unarmed Man Dies in Cop’s Custody After Being Hogtied [VIDEO]

An attorney for a Memphis man who died in police custody Saturday says the victim was hogtied and struggled to breathe because of his asthma. Troy Goode, 30, got out of the car his wife was driving and was behaving “erratically” when approached by police. He was detained and placed in a hogtie on a stretcher, all while telling officers that he couldn’t breathe. The attorney emphasized that he’s not speculating about the cause of death, but that it doesn’t appear that Goode posed a threat. “Paramedics arrived on scene, and I see them put him in a four-point restraint or hogtie, I don’t know how else to describe it,” a witness said. “He looked to me like he was struggling or convulsing or both. He appeared to be in distress to me.”