Lynching Denier Who Compares Opponents To Nazis Jeffrey Lord Hired By CNN

CNN has hired Jeffrey Lord as a political commentator. Lord has a history of pushing fringe rhetoric and misinformation. He engaged in a “profoundly ahistorical” crusade to deny the lynching of a black man, pushed bogus conspiracies about Democrats, compared his political opponents to Nazis and the KKK, and defended Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant remarks.

Believe it or not, while he may not agree with Rush on that (I haven’t asked), the President of CNN himself – that would be Jeff Zucker – wants me there because he too feels there is a legitimate conservative view of the world and it should be represented on CNN in political discussions. He may not agree with it – but that’s not the point. Mr. Zucker is famously seen by conservatives as a man of the left, but he is a television executive and he has made it specifically clear to me in person that he wants my straight-up, unvarnished conservative take on political events.


With that in mind, there I am now as a CNN commentator, specifically charged by Jeff Zucker to sit on the set of CNN (or Skype in, as is frequently the case, from Central Pennsylvania and the America that is not the intellectually, politically and culturally cloistered world of New York and Washington) and discuss/debate/explain the conservative view of the world.