Hispanic Journalist Jorge Ramos Kicked Out by Trump [VIDEO]

Journalist Jorge Ramos was kicked out of an Iowa press conference Tuesday while trying to ask Donald Trump a question. Trump yelled โ€œGo back to Univisionโ€ while refusing to take a question from Ramos. He was later allowed back in to the press conference, at which point he asked Trump how he would deport 11 million people to which Trump responded: โ€œVery humanely.โ€ โ€œDo you know how many Hispanics work for me? Thousands,โ€ Trump said later in the exchange. โ€œYou know how many Hispanics have worked for me over the years? Tens of thousands.โ€ Ramos later said, โ€œMy job was purely journalistc. My job is to ask questions.โ€