ISIS Used Chemical Weapons Against Kurds in Iraq

ISIS Used Chemical Weapons Against Kurds in Iraq, supposedly mustard gas according to officials from the US, Germany and the Kurds themselves.

60 Peshmerga fighters had suffered breathing difficulties after an attack in the north of the country on Wednesday.

Dozens of mortar shells containing poison gas had been fired during the raid near the town of Makhmour and that some of the Kurdish fighters had suffered severe burns.

A German Defence Ministry spokesman said “we have indications that there was an attack with chemical weapons”.

The Peshmerga General Command said “ISISlaunched 45 120mm mortar shells tipped with chemical heads on Peshmerga positions, which led to the injury of a number of Peshmerga forces with burns on different parts of their bodies.”

Iraqi, French and American experts went to the area to assess the claims, amid fears that Isis has got their hands on chemical weapons.