Why Donald Trump Won the Debate

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Why Donald Trump Won the Debate

First thing, Megan Kelly. So Trump is the villain? It’s okay Megan Trump likes that roll. If Trump is attacked he can handle it he’s a big boy, but really attacking the Donald like that so fast and hard? Get some lubricant into the debate before singling out The Donald.

It was obvious that Fox News decided to go after Trump hard, the first question, a hands-up poll, was targeted to single Mr. Trump out by asking who wouldn’t rule out a ‘3rd party candidacy’. Next Fox was going after Trump about calling women pigs and other names on Twitter. But Trump said ‘Only Rosie O’donelle’. Trump wins again.

Strong shot fired by Fox at the GOP leader in the polls, but Trump survived so that’s a win. He even got some shots in the other way and today the media agrees, his questions were harder. Go after the front running, thats how it works. We know that.

But other candidates seem to get softballs in comparison and were allowed to go on about themselves, while Trump was confronted in a different way than the rest of the candidates onstage. Why pick on him, he’s a job creator.

Being against the media is a WIN WIN for trump. He can now cozy up to CNN and the other outlets and dish out on Fox News for having something in for him. Roger Ailes fight ahead maybe, we can only hope. If you take on the Donald you might hurt yourself only. Trump gone rouge, is frightening to the GOP>

One thing for sure, he didn’t lose, so, he still has his crowd with him and they all likes the huge fence idea.

Bush was very very weak in this debate, that is also a win for Trump. Bush has no energy, Trump has pointed this out many times about George’s brother, and he didn’t bring anything for the first debate.

Prediction, his poll numbers go up. Bill Maher said today Donald Trump ‘Genius’ Because ‘He Doesn’t apologise For Anything’. We agree Bill 100%.

So far Trump 1 – Losers 0donald-trump